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Open Water Swimming
First Aid Training at Stoney Cove

Jackdaw Training has developed a 3.5 hour bespoke level 2 training package for those who enjoy spending their time open water, or wild swimming. The course focuses on the types of risks that you may face in remote locations with the minimum of support on hand.

Subjects Covered,

  • CPR

  • Safe use of AED(defib)

  • Choking

  • Minor Injuries

  • Bites and stings

  • After drop(delayed drop of body temperature)

  • Hypothermia

our courses are hosted at the national diving centre at Stoney Cove in Leicestershire. This is one of the countries best locations for both diving and open water swimming.

Cost: £60 per person(based on 6 learners)

Each learner will receive a Level 2 certificate in Basic Life Support and a first aid manual.

Open Water Swimming First Aid Training at Stoney Cove
Survival Gear

Level 2 Basic Life Support

First Aid for security professionals

As passionate and detail-oriented industry professionals, we offer a bespoke training package that has been designed to meet the basic needs of the Open Water Swimmer. Each course can includes bespoke training and realistic scenarios to meet the needs of swimmers who may find themselves dealing with an emergency in a remote location with little support.

If you're interested in one of our training courses, feel free to get in touch with us today and we can discuss your training requirements!

Open Water Swimming First Aid Training at Stoney Cove

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